Who is visiting your website, and how did they find you?

The days of having a simple “hit-counter” are gone.  A business need to know much more information about how the site was found and utilized.

Maelstrom Solutions offers a very powerful statistical engine that can track just about everything that is attainable from the visitor.  The interface is simple and easy-to-use, but also  contains very powerful features.  Everyone that is trying to grow a business on the web needs to know what keywords were used to find them, what products were viewed, and how long they were on your site.  If you don’t know these simple facts, how can you adjust your message over time to optimize your investment?

Daily Traffic Graph

Daily Statistical view of how many people visited your website
(note that the values shown here are not actual)

In this figure, you can see the number of page visits on any given day.  However, it also tells you a bit more than just the count; it tells you if this was the same person hitting many pages on the same visit.  The unique visitor tabulation is a much more compelling number than the overall generic hit count against a site.  The yellow band shows the traffic from the previous week for quick comparison.

Traffic for the last 24 Hours

Hourly graphic that shows the number of people and hits to your website
(note that the values shown here are not actual)

This graph can give you a bit more information than may be immediately evident.  On the surface, it shows the time of the day when you received your traffic.  However, this can give an indication of “business” surfing, or late night “personal” surfing.  Depending on your current campaign, one of the two audiences may be more desirable than the other.

Statistics on web page visitors
(note that the values shown here are not actual)

This last image is the overall totals for easy viewing.  Of course you can export anything in this system to just about any format imaginable, so you can use it in presentations or to track the success of a marketing campaign.

Know how they got to your site

You can also see what search engine was used to locate your site and the terms that visitors used.

You can easily see how someone arrived at your site.  If they linked from a news article, advertisement, or friendly link on a friends page, it is all measured and easily readable.  You can also see what search engine was used to locate your site and the terms that visitors used.  This becomes critical when you feel you should be well know for a search term, and you can see if your getting the hits you deserve.  Note that all Maelstrom solutions websites are optimized for your business by us as part of our development effort.

Advanced Graphing Engine

The graphing engine also allows for modification of the way information is presented.  Most of the graphs have a toolbar that is available to change the aspects of the way the image is drawn.  With this tool, many facets of the graph can be change. You may even pull pieces out of the pie graphs for comparison!  This toolbar is only available if the user has Internet Explorer as their browser.

Excel Download Of Website Traffic

If desired, the statistical engine can email you an excel file containing hit information.
• At any time, you can download an Excel spreadsheet with summary data.
• Data included is hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly traffic history.
• Within minutes, your spreadsheet will arrive in your e-mail.

E-Mail Traffic Alerts For Target Traffic Levels

• You can setup alerts to notify you when certain traffic levels are hit.
• Alerts can be by hour, day, or week.
• Get notified when your traffic spikes!
• Summary Data Downloadable as Excel Spreadsheet

Statistical Engine Pricing

The monthly fee for the usage of the statistical engine is based on the amount of traffic you drive through your site.  This count will include all of the domains on which statistics is enabled.  Contact our sales group for specific pricing based on your need.  Note that stats are free for 30 days on all of the sites we create so you can measure your investments success.

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