Patriot – Online donations, Event Management, and Membership

Need to raise money online but don’t know where to start?

Patriot is a simple and cost effective solution for any organization that needs to manage contributions, volunteers, tasks, events, and surveys.  Our solution gives you everything you need to get started today.  If you would like to find out more or sign up for an account, please visit

Every Patriot subscription includes all of these tools:

Online Donation Collection System

  • Works with your existing website
  • Generates the forms for you with your design
  • Supports a donation appeals for significantly better results
  • Tracks all your donations, not just the ones collected online
  • Directly deposits funds into your back account
  • Enforces campaign contribution limits (for political organizations)
  • Keeps a permanent record of all contributions made by any individual
  • Total control of disclaimers, tax information, and other texts
  • Easily export all of your donation data to Excel
  • Works with any major credit card

Event Management System

  • Generates event sign-up forms and can easily match your site design
  • Tracks paid and RSVP individuals for each event
  • Keeps track of attendance post-event for easy correspondence
  • History of an individual’s event attendance is always available
  • Create to-do tasks to help you organize events of any size
  • Assign volunteers to your tasks to maximize their assistance
  • Volunteers can update their task progress to keep you informed
  • Tasks can be set to send reminders if they are not yet completed
  • Easily export your guest list or post-event attendance to excel
  • Allow other websites or portals to carry your event list using RSS

Volunteer Management System

  • Generates the sign-up form so people can register to be a volunteer
  • Form is completely customizable and contains a volunteer appeal
  • The volunteer form has an unlimited number of ways to volunteer
  • Registrations can be accepted or denied per individual
  • Volunteers can apply for ownership of open event tasks
  • Task assignments are decided by the volunteer coordinator

Survey Design & Reporting

  • Create follow-up surveys to your events easily with our survey designer
  • Have an unlimited number of questions per survey
  • Post event survey emails are automatically set to attendees
  • Results for the surveys are viewable on an individual basis
  • Surveys can also be created that are not tied to a specific event

Membership & Dues Management

  • Manage any number for members for your club or organization
  • Dues reminders are sent automatically 30 days before membership expires
  • Expiration can be based on anniversary or on a fixed date
  • Create member only rates or events with the event module