Our Basic Email Package Offers Awesome Features

Our email system is designed to be used from a variety of different sources.  Whether you are using a PC based email system, Pocket PC, Web Browser, or even a cell phone, our system can keep you connected.  This large scale server was built to handle a significant number of incoming email messages and other specialized functionality.

POP3 Email Connectivity

With our system, you can access your email using any traditional email client (called a POP3 client), such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Email, and many others.

Web Mail Connectivity

Users can also utilize a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Safari, and others) to access their email from any Internet connected computer.  The web email interface resembles Microsoft Outlook, but has many other “skins” so users can choose the interface they prefer.

Cell Phone Connectivity

mHook email forwarding services to cellular phone users in the United States is also available. Support for cellular users with a mHook account has been incorporated directly into our Content Filtering system making it possible to use the powerful rules based nature of our Content Filtering engine to select precisely which emails your user(s) would like sent to their cellular phone via the mHook service.

Instant Messaging

A simple and effective instant messaging (IM) system has been built into our system.  This will allow users on your email server to communicate instantly with other. With our IM system you will be able to see which of your fellow users are online and ready to receive an IM. You will also be able to start a group conversation involving several users at once.  This IM application will also notify you of new emails if you are using the web based email client.  This application is optional and need not be installed.

Virus Scanning

Our virus scanning policy is very strong.  We update our virus signature files on a daily basis and sometimes during the working day.  We subscribe to several virus research groups that send “Force Reload of Engine” message to our virus engine so newly discovered threats are handled without the need for human intervention.  To this date, no client of ours has received a virus via email.  In fact, if you do get sent a virus, our system will send an email to your account, the senders account, and the postmaster account letting you know a virus was present and what it was.  Of course, the virus email is destroyed before any damage is done.

Spam Filtering

Our Spam Assassin is a heuristic mail filter that examines email messages using numerous rules in order to compute a ‘score’. This score is then used to determine the likelihood of a message being spam. By examining many thousands of known spam messages, the rules have been optimized over time and are very reliable in detecting the fingerprints of a spam message.  Users are encouraged to place the spam they receive into the public ‘Spam Folder’ so it can be processed each evening.  Many of our users have noticed significant drops in spam messages (from 100 spam messages a day, down to 2 or less messages a day)!

Remote Administration

If you chose to do so, you (or someone you delegate) can administrate the email accounts for your domain.  Our browser based administration system will allow you to set up new users, change existing users, reset passwords, create lists, and much more.

Unlimited Aliases

An alias is another name for the same email account.  For instance, if your account is john@xyz.com, you may also want to be sales@xyz.com, or johnd@xyz.com.  You can set up as many email aliases as you would like on each account in your domain and there is no additional charge for aliases.

Private Folders

Users can create email folders. This is handy for organizing lots of mail into easy-to-use groups that can even be shared with the public.

File Catalogs

A file catalog is a set of files uploaded by the administrator or those with appropriate rights.  When someone would like one of the files in the catalog, they send an email message to the catalog email account with the file name of the document they are requesting.  Passwords can also be placed on catalogs if desired.  The file will then be mailed back to them as an attachment.  This un-attended process can be used in situations where the same file is being repeatedly requested (e.g. catalogs, forms, event lists, contact numbers…)

List Services

A full complement of list services is available as well.  Users can subscribe to these lists and get email each time something is sent to the group.  Users can also receive daily or weekly “digests” of all of the email sent to the list over the course of the week.  This is excellent for product support or similar situations.  There is no charge for the list, other than the list account (email address).

Maelstrom Basic Email Pricing

Our impressive pricing for email is based on the number of active accounts required and starts as low as $40 a month for 10 accounts.  Contact our sales group for exact pricing based on the number of users you need.  Note that this service comes with all websites we do at no additional charge.

Vortex Password Contest

Maelstrom will give a fully branded version of Vortex away to the first five clients that can pass on a success story as to how it helped you improve your business (a $500 value).  To qualify, you must have installed Vortex on at least 10 desktops and should be able to tell us how long it took you to roll out the product.  If you have questions, please post them in the forums. So, what are you waiting for?  Download Vortex and tell us how it helped you do your job.  Remember, this is only available to the first five entries, and I will remove the contest once I have five that qualify.  Email Vortex Success stories to scottd@maelstromsolutions.com.

Hundertmark for Lt. Governor

Maelstrom delivers the highest quality product quickly and at a reasonable rate. Their team is easy to work with and very responsive to the customer’s needs. I would recommend them highly and without hesitation.

Chris Lato – Hundertmark for Lt. Governor