Customer Solutions

Here are a few of the many custom solutions (not web sites) that Maelstrom has created for our customers. Maelstrom’s Business Solutions utilize the web as a medium for the application, and therefore tend to avoid several issues with traditional software development.  Often these types of applications start as Access databases or even Excel spreadsheets.  However, over time the information may have become so complex, or perhaps the complex sharing of files prompted a better solution.

Scroll down to see some examples of projects we have done.

When we convert or develop applications we prefer the web as a medium for the following reasons:

  • Development Cost Web based development is faster, and therefore cheaper
  • Version Control Every computer no longer needs to be updated (it is all on the server)
  • Computer Power With a web solution, the server does all the work, so cheap PCs are still useful
  • World Wide Any internet connected machine could possibly use the application (no Citrix)
  • Easier to Secure Since it is all based on one server (or a cluster), it is easier to control access

Maelstrom is the premiere Milwaukee area web design and solution developer.  We use only Microsoft & Macromedia products because they are efficient, scalable, flexible, and trusted software companies. If you would like more details on any of the applications on this page, or think you might have a similar business problem, please contact us today at (262)785-4207 or email us at  It doesn’t cost anything to ask, and the potential impact to your business is tremendous.

Note that not all of our applications are listed here.  We have done many others but often due to security constraints or customer preference we do not list those clients or their specific solutions.

Enterprise Compensation Management – Impacting An Organization’s Bottom Line

Human Capital Management Plays a Strategic Role in an Organization’s Profitablity & GrowthProgressive organizations understand strategic management of their organization’s single largest operating expenditure, Employee Compensation, plays an integral role in the overall organization’s success.    The average organization invests .29 cents in labor to drive a $1.00 in revenue according to the…more

Reducing Warranty Tracking Costs With Online Applications

Are your warranty costs higher than you want them to be?   Manufacturers focused on creating an efficient and agile warranty tracking and fulfillment process will yield the highest return in the reduction of warranty costs and a visible increase in product quality improvement.  Warranty costs kept corporate product managers busy in 2008, but one of the biggest struggles American manufacturers…more

Johnson Controls: Salary Planning

The Salary Planning tool is an easy to use web-based application that allows company managers to plan raises and promotions for their employees. It provides a manager with a quick summary planning page of their employees as well as a more detailed page to plan multiple actions for individual employees. The tool retrieves employee and salary data stored in PeopleSoft, allows a manager to manipulat…more

Johnson Controls: Payment Reconciliation

Their bill paying process was disorganized and spread out across multiple systems, and created a mess of paperwork.  Worst of all, they had no way of knowing if the medical bills they were paying matched up with actual claims. The PayRec Application created by Maelstrom was the solution.  It’s web based interface allows a company to Pay and Reconcile invoices using data from multiple TPA (third…more

Johnson Controls: Injury Tracking

Maelstrom helped JCI develop a system that tracks all of the injuries and remediation processes for Johnson Controls and does so in an international web-based system with screens in over 28 languages.  This Microsoft ASP, VB and C# system interfaces with Peoplesoft as well as their existing Oracle database implementation.  From OSHA compliance and reporting to facility safety auditing, this…more

Cayuga Industries

Cayuga created goods along an assembly line where employees each added to the final product (in this case Christmas tree wreaths).  Before Maelstrom’s scanning solution, they had no way to track who-did-what in the creation of the finished good.  Maelstrom implemented a custom barcode scanning solution that tied directly into the Mas90 accounting system used by Cayuga.  As items were assembled,…more

Summerfest: Sponsorship Tracking

Many businesses give money to Summerfest and receive discounted corporate tickets and other benefits.  The problem was tracking what type of funds were received and what benefits were given.  This typical non-for-profit scenario was complicated by the fact that the tickets given to these benefactors must be tracked for fraud prevention as well as redemption history.  Our web-based solution is bas…more

Summerfest: Attendance Statistical tracking

The ticket scanning implementation at Summerfest posed many problems to common data collection applications.  Firstly, there are over 60 scanners in operation, and each is capable of 50 to 60 scans a minute.  Secondly, the attendance and ticket redemption must be measured in real time to assume the population on the festival grounds is within reasonable limits.   Maelstrom created a Macromedia…more

Summerfest: Festival Management

Summerfest was using several Excel spreadsheets to attempt to schedule the acts for the worlds largest music festival.  They encountered issues with multiple copies of the same document and problems trying to keep the latest version in one place.  Maelstrom created a web-based festival management system called Backstage.  This Macromedia Coldfusion and Microsoft SQL solution now allows them to…more

Business Solutions

Maelstrom is an incredible resource for solving business problems.  We pride ourselves on adding value to every customer by solving a specific business problem and doing only what is required to achieve our well defined goals.  Here are a few differences you will find that differentiate Maelstrom from other development shops…

  • We do not use contractors
  • All project goals are well defined
  • Online bug and feature tracking
  • We treat our customers like royalty
  • Our rates are reasonable
  • Work speed exceeds our competition
  • We are ROI sensitive
  • Quality of work is exceptional
  • We document all project code
  • Will train your staff to take over
  • Honest and honorable