IRIS – Ingredient & Recipe Management System

IRIS brings recipe & product batch tracking to the web and MAS90.

IRIS can easily be implemented on many accounting packages that support inventory control, but is optimized for MAS90 and MAS200 installations out of the box.  For complete product details and pricing, visit today.

Whatever you produce, IRIS can track your recipes and work orders in a simple interface:

  • food products
  • feeds or grain mixes
  • medications
  • flavorings
  • additives
  • paints
  • adhesives
  • chemicals
  • cleaning products
  • anything that requires mixing

Create new recipes and formulas

Select raw materials from your inventory and specify the amounts required. Include special instructions for production staff. Even define the proper packaging materials for a given amount of product without having to make it part of the formal recipe!

Issue work orders

Order the production of batches based on your standard recipes, or modify them as required on an individual basis. IRIS will keep the quantities and costs balanced within your inventory and accounting systems automatically.  You can always access the history for workorders and the modifications done to them vs. the standard recipe.

Produce the default quantity of a recipe, or a custom quantity

IRIS can use the original recipe proportions to calculate exact ingredient amounts for any batch size.  You can even include such things as labor and non-ingredient items like buckets, lids, bags, etc.

Work orders pass through logical stages

Our workflow process allows you to review available ingredient quantities before committing the batch to production, and letting you choose ingredient quantities from available lots according to your own inventory management practices, such as first in first out.

Effortless recall and relationship reporting

In the event of a product problem or recall, the IRIS database can trace the affected product batch back to its component ingredients… and identify any other product batches that could also be involved.

Flexible role-based security

Assign multiple roles to employees based on their location, company, and responsibilities.  Tons of options are available, and new ones can be added in minutes.

Infinite facilities and companies in one interface

Formula Manager can handle multiple warehouses and production facilities — even multiple company identities within a corporate family.  There is no limitation on any of these.  If you have 3,000 warehouses, IRIS can handle it.

Specifically for recipe management and tracking

It is not a general database with a few custom fields. While it serves most of the targeted functions “off-the-shelf”, its modular construction means that we can further optimize IRIS for your unique environment and processes. We can even design a custom “skin” — a graphic and color scheme — to fit your corporate identity.

100% Web Based Solution

Because it is web-based, you have no special client software to install on your computers in your facility. By default the application is installed so it can only be used within your facility; however, if IRIS is properly married with certificate security and/or virtual private networking (VPN) you can manage it from anywhere on the internet, knowing it is still secure.  The speed of IRIS is also amazing.  Able to handle over 200,000 records per second on proper hardware.  Note that IRIS runs well on almost any server that is capable of serving Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003 services.

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