Summerfest: Attendance Statistical tracking

The ticket scanning implementation at Summerfest posed many problems to common data collection applications.  Firstly, there are over 60 scanners in operation, and each is capable of 50 to 60 scans a minute.  Secondly, the attendance and ticket redemption must be measured in real time to assume the population on the festival grounds is within reasonable limits.

Maelstrom created a Macromedia flash based XML dashboard that can be used to read the collected data from the secure Microsoft SQL powered web-service.  This real-time streaming web application allows them to monitor the festival grounds from any PC or Pocket PC device blessed to receive this data.

This system can also compare previous years data at the minute, hour, and day to see how the current year is stacking up against previous information.  This is the system that gives the local news channels their attendance information every 4 hours during the 11 day party.

Not only does it do attendance, it tracks all of the different ticket promotions for redemption.  So, if there is a 1/2 coupon, we can tell how many were used and graph those to show the times, dates, and gates used for redemption.

There is a lot more, but much of that is confidential to the customer.  However, if your business is looking for a real-time barcode scanning and reporting solution, Maelstrom can certainly perform.