Our Clients Are Treated Like Royalty

Many IT firms here in the Milwaukee area use a system called the “Zero Bench Policy”.  Basically this means that if a software developer is currently not billing, you just release them to the unemployment line.  They assume they can always find another geek when the need arises.  Of course, this also assumes that solid talent will be available when they need it.  This is why you will often get a different person from these firms, and your project is sure to suffer.  A majority of the development companies in the Milwaukee area use this method for bench control.  This is the primary reason Maelstrom has become so popular, as we are a much different animal on the inside as well as the outside.

Our clients love the method by which we manage our projects.

We always define what we are going to do, document what we have done, and bill only when we are productive!  Our coding quality is superb; and it is shows in the very low bug ratio we experience in every project we deliver.  Here are just a few of the customers that enjoy Maelstrom’s development experience and methodology:

  • Johnson Controls
  • Summerfest
  • Great America
  • UPS (United Parcel Service)
  • Miller Brewing
  • Quad Graphics
  • Broan NuTone
  • Pierce Manufacturing (Oshkosh Truck)
  • Palace Healthcare
  • Regis Marketing
  • Rogan’s Shoes
  • Waterstone Mortgage
  • Milwaukee Sporting Goods
  • AAA – Midwest Auto Clubs
  • Business Lending Services
  • … and many, many more

We treat all of our customers, no matter their size, with the same respect as we do our largest clients.

Maelstrom’s Software Development Environment

Our people love what they do, and our goal is to keep them busy with interesting work & constantly challenged.

We have zero developer turn-over because the company is managed by developers who have created an environment in which our ilk can thrive.  We work in a place where we can get excited about the projects, play with the technology, and the customers are elated with the results.

Here are a few things we do to assure project success:

  • We document the vision as well as dependencies, business objectives and success criteria
  • We don’t assume anything, and we don’t let developers make business decisions
  • Each project feature must tie to a business objective, or it is rejected
  • Keep the project tight & plan for critical functionality releases early
  • Create horizontal & vertical prototypes to eliminate risk when dealing with unknowns
  • Drive projects by risk, not by managerial edict or any other fabricated execution plan
  • Include the “little people” so the application has buy in from the ultimate user base
  • Eliminate the difficult tasks early in the project to keep risk minimized
  • Be brutally honest with the customer on all aspects of the project
  • Have a test plan from the outset to assure success in testing

Those are just a few of the things we look for when implementing development projects.  Note that this isn’t a complete list, but it gives you a solid idea of why we are often more successful on projects.  If you have an ongoing development project that seems to be “spinning in place”, we can help your team organize their efforts so you can reach a completion date and hold to a budget.

Want to work for us?

Well, we keep our group small and tight, allowing only extremely solid talent into the fold.  Our difficult hiring process assures that the required skills are present, the commitment to quality is strong, and the personality is compatible with the environment we have created.  Click here to see a listing of the developer positions available in the Milwaukee area.