eCommerce Solution – The Maelstrom Catalog and Shopping Cart

General Options

  1. The product is completely customizable in every respect.
  2. Certified by both Visa & Mastercard as a secure merchant system which meets or exceeds requirements in all areas of privacy and security.
  3. Featured Items or Bestselling lists can be easily added to the home page of the store automatically.
  4. There is a completely customizable look and feel throughout the store.
  5. Products may contain an unlimited number of associated options.  (i.e. size and color)
  6. The store component can be added to any existing web page for easy integration into existing sites.
  7. An unlimited number of stores are permitted using the one codebase and database.
  8. A password feature can be added to any store so that only people who have the password may enter and purchase those products.
  9. The store administrator will receive an email whenever an order transaction occurs.

    Product Browsing

  1. Outstanding search engine performance with no effort on your part.
  2. Categories can contain both subcategories and products.
  3. Products belong to a category and can contain an unlimited number of associated attributes.  This allows for narrowing the display of product lists based on both category and attributes.
  4. Customers can search on product name, product number, and product description.
  5. Product lists can be sorted alphabetically, by bestselling, and by price.
  6. Product pages show a list of related products that customers have purchased in addition to the product on display.  This is automatic and actually based on previous sales.
  7. Products can contain a sale price and an actual price.
  8. Products have a plethora of attributes and options.
  9. Product lists are pageable, sortable, and and re-sizable.

    Adding Products and Categories

  1. Both products and categories can be easily added to the shopping cart via an interface which is directly built in to the browsing interface.
  2. Categories can be inactivated so that customers cannot view them.
  3. Products can be given attributes for easier filtering of lists, and can be easily moved from category to category.
  4. The ability for customers to purchase products can be enabled or disabled on a product by product basis.
  5. Products may be marked as discontinued, featured, tax exempt, and even shipping exempt.

    Customer Accounts

  1. Customers can create accounts which will allow them to track all past orders and will allow them to save their shipping and billing addresses in an address book.
  2. Customers will receive detailed emails after ordering and again when their ordered product’s status has changed.  (i.e. the product ships)

    Administrative Features

  1. The administrator can create a custom shipping algorithm to calculate shipping costs based on the products ordered.
  2. SSL certificate support is built in for a 128-bit secure shopping experience
  3. Allowing checkout for a shopping cart can be enabled and disabled at will to create a catalog only situation.
  4. Multiple payment authorization methods are included:
    1. PGP encrypted email
    2. Credit Card gateway authorization
    3. Regular email (not recommended)
    4. Does NOT support PayPal (if you think this is a good option, we can show you a better/cheaper way)
  5. UPS shipping price calculation is built in.
  6. Multiple sales taxes can be dynamically added by the administrator.
  7. The system uses your merchant gateway, so there is no middle man (we don’t take a percentage).
  8. Supports several merchant service providers.

    Order Administration

  1. Current orders can be filtered based on order status, order highlight, purchase date, order number, and customer email. This can be used as a work-flow system.
  2. Orders can be categorized under the following statuses:  Placed, Verified, Processing, Charged, Shipped, Canceled so you know the exact status of each order.
  3. Orders can be given the following highlights:  Priority, On Hold, Backorder, or Returned.
  4. Orders which have been assigned a highlight show up in different colors in the list.
  5. Notes can be added to the system by the administrator per order.
  6. The order display contains all relevant data about the order including customer info, billing info, status, prices, order date, original receipt, shipping method, tracking info, and a complete product list.
  7. Administrators can easily see which orders they need to process first and which orders have just been received based on order status and highlight in the order list.
  8. A printer friendly list of all orders in the list will be generated for easy portability of the information.

    Direct Order Feature

  1. Administrators may easily take phone or point of sale orders using the Direct Order Administration interface.
  2. In addition to taking payments by credit cards, the administrators are able to accept payments by invoice.
  3. Orders that are processed through the Direct Order Administration interface will show up in the customer’s account, and can be tracked by the customer.

Commerce Done Correctly

If you are looking for an easy to use yet powerful on-line store solution, you are in the correct place.  Our eCommerce solution was built from the ground up to be a top performer in search engines as well as scalability.  Each month over 80,000 products move through our catalog system, and most of those orders come from general web searches.We will be the first to admit that the performance of our shopping solution on the search engines is beyond our expectations.  We have taken every opportunity to clearly communicate the contents of your catalog to those indexers that everyone has come to rely upon.  However, we are astounded at how highly ranked each product becomes.  We offer you this challenge: take any product in one of our customers online stores and Google it.  99% of the time it will be on the first or second page of the search results.

For a complete eCommerce solution, you can’t out perform our system with a similar priced solution.  Since our solution is available for under $3,000 complete, it is affordable enough for just about any business that wants to compete in the online marketplace.

Our catalog and shopping cart solution is a 100% hosted solution, meaning you don’t require anything beyond the product you wish to sell.  It can be hooked into any existing website with ease.