Graphic Artist

Web Artist PositionFor this position a mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator is required (Flash knowledge is a plus).  HTML is a plus, but not required.  You will be creating unique and interesting site designs as well as graphics for the numerous applications that Maelstrom produces for the business community.  This is not a web designer position as the creativity portion of your brain will need to be much stronger than the HTML side.  A portfolio of previous work (in any medium) will need to be submitted at the interview.  This is a dream job if you are looking for a creative outlet.  In fact, if you don’t know anything about web development you can easily apply for this job if your work can be used for this new medium.  No need to relocate to Milwaukee if you can demonstrate competency from a remote location.  Includes most Maelstrom benefits and salary in the $30k to $40k range depending on an almost limitless number of variables that make up your DNA.  Health and dental benefits may also be included.

C# Senior Developer

Web Developer WantedA solid knowledge of C# is mandatory. The ability to show knowledge of HTML using only notepad while drinking copious amounts of Mt. Dew is almost always part of the interview process.  The technical portion of the interview is 100% geek-to-geek questions (no sissy computer testing), and candidates will need to demonstrate strong knowledge of all topics including: HTML, XML, CSS, C#, and SQL.  All developers must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in SQL and a web development language or you will flounder during the technical question & answer interview.  Maelstrom is a fun loving group of people.  So humor, personality, and a strong work ethic are important aspects of every employee.  Most developers work in small teams and must be their own motivators.  A solid knowledge of the book Dune is a plus, and I think the reason why is obvious, so don’t ask.  No aluminum foil hats will be permitted during the second and final interviews.

Web Developer

This web developer position is available to those with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in C# or in PHP.  An excellent knowledge of SQL is also required.  Of course, HTML knowledge must be flawless and not tied to any editor (meaning if you had only notepad, you would be fine).  This isn’t an entry-level position, but is going to be a close as one can get within Maelstrom.  If you are looking to get into web design, this is not the position you want as your head will likely cave in like a raisin at the first interview.  No knowledge of advanced tiger-crane Kung Fu is required, but is always a plus.

Maelstrom Employment

Maelstrom is a bizarre and interesting company for which to work.  With some very interesting benefits and uber flexibility we are indeed a unique employer.  We are a fun loving group of people and truly we enjoy what we do, so grumpy people need not apply.  Humor is paramount to personality in our eyes.

In our opinion, technical knowledge is best learned through a combination of education and practical experience. We invest in the continuing education of our developers and value their years of practical field experience. Ingenuity and a critical eye for detail are highly valued in our company.

There is only one rule at Maelstrom Solutions which if broken can lead to dismissal; hording knowledge and purposely choosing not to share it for the good of others. We invite you to review our open job requisitions and if you feel you can demonstrate exceptional skills in the area in which you are applying send a resume to today.

All candidates will be subjected to at least two interviews (and are always business casual).  Unless you work for NASA, no short-sleeved white dress shirts will be acceptable.  Also, attempting to jam every pen you own into your shirt pocket will not win you any points.  If interviews over a sushi dinner bother you, then you better make that clear right away, or your going to find yourself facing “Taco Salad’, and it will not be what you expect. However, it is one of the best things on the menu. (Taco is Japanese for octopus)Employees must live in or near the Milwaukee metro area.

Some of the more bizarre benefits we offer:

  • iTunes Monthly Allowance
  • 100% Healthcare Coverage
  • No Deductible on coverage
  • 100% Dental Coverage
  • Company Movie Nights
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • No Set Work Hours
  • Company PocketPC*
  • Sprint PCS Cell Phone*
  • Profit Sharing
  • …and much more.

* if needed based on your roll & projects