Vortex Password Manager

The Password Problem & Our Solution

Vortex has recently passed Microsoft’s internal testing for managed code and best practices on the Windows XP platform.

Maelstrom Solutions - Your web design headquarters presents Vortex, our free password manager.How many different passwords and usernames do you need to remember?  Many of us try and use the same select few for most of our daily lives, but often sites have such different login requirements that we need to deviate from our favorite password or username choices.  Rather than writing them down on a piece of paper and storing them under your keyboard, we have created a nice little application that is simple to use and keeps your data protected from others.  Use it for anything you want to keep secure, including passwords, usernames, and even credit-card PIN info with complete confidence that you have a highly encrypted storage mechanism that contains no backdoors, spyware, advertising, or anything else bizarre.  We wanted a password tool we could trust, so we built one.

Maelstrom has a better solution, and it’s free

Our nimble and easy to use password manager can store everything you need in a secure manner.

Our secure password manager doesn’t store your master password, it just uses it to encrypt your stuff, so there is no way to hack it to find your master password.  When you use the Vortex Password Manager, it will attempt to open the file with whatever password you give it, but only the one you specified originally will be able to decrypt your data.  It can also be set to challenge you for your master password each time you try and access account information, or only when you first open the application.  That way, you can leave it open and still be secure if you forget to close it when you wander off to lunch.

If you forget your master password, “thanks for playing”, because you will have to start over.  There is no possible way to recover the master password, or to open the file without it.  Therefore, we suggest putting your master password in a safe-deposit box just in case you end your shark-taming career earlier than expected.  Maelstrom has not sacrificed security by adding a back door for password recovery, so there is nothing we can do if you lose your master password.

Go ahead, put your name on it!

The coolest feature about Vortex is that is it 100% Brandable.  If you run an insurance agency, mortgage firm, distributorship or another customer centric business, you have probably considered getting wacky pens or mugs for customers.  Maelstrom offers you an alternative in allowing you to purchase a branded version of Vortex and then give it out to everyone you know.  Your logo, contact information, and even you website are all displayed in this frequently used tool.

The license freedom means you can give it to clients, friends, employees, and anyone else you see on the street.  You simply pay the fee for branding (under $500), and you’re done.

Order it?  Naa, just download it here.

So, stop using that Excel spreadsheet that anyone can open or easily crack and make the move to a powerful and secure method of storing your info.  You can get a Free version of the Vortex Password Manager below.  Of course, it is branded for us, but you can always get one branded for your company.  If you are interested in purchasing a branded version of Vortex, please contact sales@maelstromsolutions.com today.  Oh, if you decide later that you want to have a branded version created, you can still use your same password file.  There is no need to re-key everything as the password file is independent of the application itself.

Download The Password Manager Here:

To download the password manager, visit our Support Site, register for an account, log in, and click Downloads.

Click Here to Download the Microsoft .NET Framework if the install prompts you to do so.

Once you have it installed, you should send an email to PasswordToolSupport-subscribe@maelstromsolutions.com so you get the latest updates, alerts and information.   This list is private and is used only for clients running the password tool.

Advanced Feature Set

The service management screen allows for an advanced feature set, while keeping the interface simple and intuitive.  You can specify a user name, password, and even notes for each entry in the password management application.  There are also handy buttons for copying the user name or password to the clipboard if you are looking to save time.

There are also 3 modes of password generation available if you are looking for a quick password.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to remember the generated password, because Vortex will do that job for you.

Vortex Password Contest

Maelstrom will give a fully branded version of Vortex away to the first five clients that can pass on a success story as to how it helped you improve your business (a $500 value).  To qualify, you must have installed Vortex on at least 10 desktops and should be able to tell us how long it took you to roll out the product.  If you have questions, please post them in the forums. So, what are you waiting for?  Download Vortex and tell us how it helped you do your job.  Remember, this is only available to the first five entries, and I will remove the contest once I have five that qualify.  Email Vortex Success stories to scottd@maelstromsolutions.com.

Vortex Features

Please keep in mind that Vortex Password Manager was designed to be easy to use.  Therefore we have removed a lot of the more complex orgazinational functions, and frills of some of the other password applications.  However, in our opinion this is all you really need to manage your information.  By keeping only the functions we really needed, we have a simple and easy to use product.

Here are some of the features:

  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Does not transmit anything
  • Free to use and give away
  • Portable password file
  • Brandable for your company
  • 128 Bit Secure
  • Small enough to fit on a floppy
  • No Advertising or Spyware
  • No Backdoor Passwords
  • No spyware or advertising
  • Passed Microsoft’s Testing for best practices in code management and design.


So, why give it away?

Well, we figure that a lot of businesses are dealing with this issue on a daily basis.  So, we hope that they get sick of looking at our name and logo each time they use this tool and break-down and purchase a branded version.  If you are in that category, send us an email and we can get rolling on your branded password tool.