What is Content Management?

Why is a Content Management Solution important to your business?

There is no doubt that having a website is essential for doing business in the 21st century. It is as necessary as having a phone, a business card and an email address. Maximizing the usefulness of your website’s content is as important as maximizing the traffic to your site. With the proper tools, managing this content can be as easy as creating an email.

A well designed website can serve as a powerful, multi-page marketing brochure for your business that reaches beyond any other advertising media such as radio and newspaper.

Keeping your website up-to-date and the content fresh is vital to its effectiveness. Access to new or useful information will keep visitors and customers coming back. To remain competitive, an organization must constantly renew its web presence and traditionally, this process has been extremely time consuming and costly.

Are you tired of waiting for others to get you new content for your website?
Is the expense of having a web development firm update your site getting out of hand?
If I give editing responsibilities to others in my company, how can I control it?
Can I create a secure “employee only” area on our website?
Maelstrom’s Content Management Solution…Powerful, Simple, Cost-Effective

With the Maelstrom Content Management Engine, you can maintain or change your site instantly, so it’s always up-to-date. Multiple individuals in your organization can make updates while you maintain control of what portions of the site they can edit. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to keep one of your most important marketing tools up to date. No more delays in getting new content on the site and no more expensive web design firm bills.

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management Systems enhance an organization’s ability to create, organize, control, and manage website content. Maelstrom Solutions created its own, as many of the existing ones are template driven, tend to look unprofessional, and are not as flexible as most designers would like. Our content management application has been specifically designed with a non-technical staff in mind, ensuring the right people can manage the content. Organizations benefit by enabling the creators of the web content (typically business professionals) to also become the publishers and managers.

No matter what your skill level, you can create and manage site content without worrying about how long it will take, and more important, how much it’s going to cost. With this simple content management solution, you’ll be cutting costs and increasing productivity in no time.

For small to mid-size sites, our CMS will integrate seamlessly with your existing website design so you can make as many updates as you need without the cost or hassle of a software installation or hardware purchase. For larger sites and more sophisticated web solutions, our CMS can be customized specifically for your project’s needs.

So, what can it do?

Well, we’re constantly enhancing the system with new functions and modules.

  • Page security is flexible so you can have pages for only customers, employees, etc.
  • Subsections, articles, and columns of a page also have unique security possibilities.
  • Blogging capabilities on any article on any page are fully configurable.
  • Discussion forums are also available for community building sites.
  • Mailing lists tie into the system so you can email to those who belong to your site.
  • RSS feeds inbound and outbound to allow you to keep your content fresh and share it with others.
  • All content is “skinned” by our engine to match the look and the feel we have created for you. Kiss ugly pages goodbye!

We would be happy to demonstrate the product for you at your facility (or ours). So, if you think this sounds interesting, let us show you what Maelstrom can do for your business. Plenty of references are available, and you can see a few of them on the Websites section of this site.

We love the new website you designed for CFAF. It’s well thought out and easy to navigate. Best of all, I can edit, update and add articles and images myself. Charlie Sykes from WMTJ Radio said it was the best website he’s seen in Wisconsin. That’s extremely high praise!

Coalition For America's Families

Coalition for America's Families

 Features in our CMS

A quick feature list:

  • Original artwork and a super flexible layout engine means no templates
  • Built-in editor so you change the content and upload pictures as easily to use as email
  • Automatic page and content optimization for easy search engine scanning and indexing
  • Add as many pages as you need at any time (no limit)
  • Document management containers for document delivery
  • Advertising engine for banner or column ads for your products
  • Catalog system for showing your products (no additional cost)
  • Shopping cart add-on for catalog (additional cost to cover security certificates and so on)
  • Security for each page, column, row, or article (you create the groups)
  • An unlimited number of people can edit portions of your site (helps a site to grow and keeps content fresh)
  • Discussion groups and forum topic system (huge boost for you in the search engines)
  • Multi-author blog system and rolling content containers to keep people coming back
  • RSS feed publisher and subscriber containers (let other sites carry your news and vice-versa)Virtual training and unlimited phone support
  • New modules are added often and at no additional cost (some exceptions)
  • A lot more…

If this sounds interesting, contact us today for a demo. It doesn’t cost anything to see, and we promise not to pester you.

Tsunami Updates

We are continuously working to make Tsunami better for our customers.  Contact Us for the latest patch changes.