Maelstrom Culture

Our Core Values Equate to Happy Employees & Satisfied Customers

At Maelstrom we believe if we take care of our employee’s needs they will take care of our customers. It’s a philosophy that has proven its value and has helped us to establish a reputation as a great place to work. Maelstrom has been able to create an environment that fosters the integration of our business objectives with our employee’s personal needs. This creates an environment of trust and loyalty which translates to great client experiences. The employment experience at Maelstrom is built around our CERG program which stands for challenge, environment, reward, and growth. The company works diligently to provide all of these cultural aspects to our employees.

We Provide the Technical Challenge Developers Crave

Maelstrom employees stay challenged by continually working with leading-edge technologies. Since each of our client’s needs is unique our employee’s creative and technical skills are continually challenged as they create relevant business solutions.

A Supportive Environment that is Very Therapeutic

At Maelstrom we understand that happy employees are healthy employees and we support and encourage our employees to spend quality time with their families, take care of their health, and have fun. We strive to provide a beautiful work environment that is energizing, collaborative and holistic.

Reward the Fruit of Due Diligence & Ingenuity

Maelstrom believes in recognizing employees for their contributions. We have a number of reward programs which honors Maelstrom employees who make the most significant contributions to the company each year, recognizing employees who go that extra mile to make a difference for our clients and fellow peers.

Growth a True Measure of Shared Success

An integral part of life at Maelstrom, growth takes on many forms, including educational courses, team building activities, family events, and friendly competitions including our annual “My chili beats the pants off your chili” cook off.