Cayuga Industries

Cayuga created goods along an assembly line where employees each added to the final product (in this case Christmas tree wreaths).  Before Maelstrom’s scanning solution, they had no way to track who-did-what in the creation of the finished good.  Maelstrom implemented a custom barcode scanning solution that tied directly into the Mas90 accounting system used by Cayuga.  As items were assembled, the inventory was adjusted in real time and valuable data was collected by this Microsoft C# and SQL server solution.

Reporting was a snap as Mas90 comes with Crystal Reports, so they are able to run reports that consist of data from both system easily.  By creating a flexible and scaleable database solution, they can now collect data about everything and show trends on aspects of the business that were never before considered.

For instance, we would also know the following from collected data:

  • Who assembled what part of the final product
  • What the hourly piece rate was for an individual compared to others
  • What suppliers were used in each product and how that relates to recalled products
  • What are the most commonly used inventory items across all products
  • Everyone that touched the product has their name attached to it

This solution was quite simple and employs Intermec scanners in a wire free solution.  What we mean by wire free, is that the scanner actually stores the data until it is docked at the end of the shift or work day.

If you find this solution intriguing, please drop us a line to see if we can implement a scanning solution to improve your knowledge about your business.