Have A Form On Your Website?

If you are one of many businesses that offer a form (or would like to) on your website, how do you handle the information you get from that form?  We offer a wonderfully simple solution, which is elegant and very inexpensive!

Sometimes the response to simple marketing ideas can be astounding.

To handle a large amount of incoming emails, Maelstrom has developed a small application known as “Blue Letter”.  When an email is sent to a specific email account on your domain, the application will pull out the information and create a downloadable Excel file you can collect on demand.  Using this file with other application like Microsoft Word or Excel you can create mailing labels, custom documents, and other tasks that can be automated using this collected information.

In the example below, a small shop wanted to give away free samples of their products.  What you see below is their response rate after 1 month of the promotion.  Initially, they were receiving several hundred a day and requested this tool to handle all of the emails they were getting.

Daily Excel Download

By clicking on the bar in the graph for any date, you can download the excel file for that date.  All information is ordered by whatever field you desire based on the form you have on the site.

Trending Graph

A real time graph shows the number of incoming request that have been parsed.

Bulk Download

A bulk download feature is also available.  By entering the starting and ending date into the web site, you can export several days of data in a single file.

Serious System Speed

The application can handle between 50,000 and 200,000 transactions a second depending on the complexity of the message being parsed.  A parsing template must be created for each email type to be used.  This based application is a true work-horse and has been pushed quite hard at peak periods without fail.

Parsed Data Storage

Data parsed from the incoming emails is kept for one year (unless otherwise requested).  However, the email from which the data was built is destroyed immediately after parsing.

Form & Template Creation

If you already have a form online, this system can use it.  However, if you need a new form or information gathering tool, it can meet your needs.  It will work with all layouts and can be set so that some fields are mandatory as well.  Templates billing rates are based on the customer rate for time and materials.  Templates are usually created in an hour or two, depending on complexity.

No Commitment

You have the option of stopping this service at any time. There is no commitment or minimum duration required.  If you have multiple concurrent applications you can also activate or deactivate them individually.  Deactivated collection engines can also be re-activated at any time without loss of data (within a year or unless requested).  There is no charge for storing of deactivated collection data.


Any part of the data being collected can be modified.  If there is something special you want done with the data, it can completed on a time and materials basis.


Please send an email to our sales group today to get information on pricing based on your form complexity.